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How to Ensure Your AC & Heater System Is Efficient

Up to half of your utility bill is attributable to heating and cooling costs. In order to keep these costs under control, ensure your heating and air conditioning system is running at peak efficiency by:

  • Establishing a preventive maintenance routine. Preventive maintenance such as changing your air filter regularly and having professional maintenance performed annually is essential to keeping your heating and air system running at peak efficiency.
  • Becoming aware of seasonal energy needs. Just like the weather, your heating and cooling needs vary with the seasons. Familiarizing yourself with seasonal tactics used to control energy costs such as adjusting ceiling fans, utilizing attic and whole house fans, seasonally adjusting your thermostat, and more can help keep your home and family comfortable without wasting energy dollars.
  • Addressing your home’s overall energy efficiency. Keeping heated and cooled air contained in your home and distributing it wisely with the help of a properly sealed home and ductwork, adequate insulation, programmable thermostats, zoning systems, and professional energy audits can help you further improve your energy conservation efforts.

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